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Best Gift Ideas for HER This Christmas


It’s that time of the year again! The time when we share the Christmas spirit with the ones we love and present gifts to further display our affection.

However, coming up with the best present sometimes proves to be a total nightmare for some men.

Women can easily be the sweetest creatures on earth, but you have to remember that most times, they are also the hardest to please. You can never be totally sure if you’re getting the right gifts at the right time, and for the right occasion.

Great Birthday or Valentine’s Day presents might be easier to pull off as the occasion is a lot more precise. Christmas time is a season of caring, sharing, and most importantly, a time that ends the year and ushers you into a new one. Christmas gifts for your beloved must be chosen with great care as this is a time when everyone looks back at the year and the choices they made; and of course you want her to remember the reason she chose you.

Here are some of the best gift item ideas that would probably get you the “Boo of the Year Award”!

  1. Video Collage:

Pictures and videos speak a thousand words in the shortest time and in the most beautiful way. Gather pictures and videos of her in different special, happy moments (some of the two of you together will be great too) and make a beautiful video collage with heart robbing background music. Click here for the best video collage services. This is sure to remind her just how special she is.

  1. Fragrance:

Some perfumes just have a way of locking the memory of a person deep in our minds. Get her luxury sweet-smelling wonder that would make her never forget you. Here is a list that would make you the #1 boyfriend of the year!

  1. DIY Mixtape:

There’s almost nothing better than a personalized touch to presents, and when it is in the form of music, it’s just mind-blowing! Put together a mixtape containing her favourite Christmas songs and other songs that hold beautiful memories of the two of you. Whenever she listens to the playlist, all she would think about is you.

BCBG Maxazria

  1. Charm Bracelet:

Get her a present that she would treasure forever. A custom-made charm bracelet with pretty little trinkets of significance to your relationship (which could be her name with yours, where you first met – a tiny Eifel Tower for instance, a heart shape, etc.) will stand the test of time.

BCBG Maxazria

  1. Shoes:

You can never go wrong with a gift of shoes. Of course this would depend on the kinds of shoes she likes to wear. Here are some pretty unique shoes she’d love:

  1. An Engagement Ring:

Last on my list of Christmas gift ideas for her: give her forever for Christmas! Yes! If you’re sure she looks forward to spending the rest of her life with you and you want the same, why not present her with a shiny rock and a wonderful “will you marry me” moment? Click here to contact professional marriage proposal planners It will turn out to be a Christmas she’ll never forget and you’ll get that “Boo of the Year Award”!

gift ideas for christmas

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Contrary to popular belief, a good number of Nigerian girls actually want you to be creative with your gifts. Not all girls get totally psyched about material things, but even those who do also get sucked in by sweet emotional gifts that come in other forms – especially when in love.

Hope these little tips help!

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Amanda Onoabhagbe
Amanda Onoabhagbe

Amanda is a Creative Director and Marriage Proposal Planner for MJCreatives. She is a passionate performer, an ardent reader and a strong lover of the Arts. When she isn't reading or singing in front of a large audience, she is most likely filling her head with new ways to make every situation entertaining!


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